본 음악회의 취지와 목적, 그리고 방향

차세대의 미래를 위한 Wish it, Dream it, And Do it 의 취지로, 애틀란타 필하모닉 오케스트라(주)가Peace & Harmony Orchestra 의 협연으로 가을 열린 음악회가 11월 1일 오후6시에 귀넷 퍼포밍 아트센터에서 열립니다.

특별히  유명한 음악인들의 재능기부와  특별 출연 그리고 이름없이도와주시는 뜻있는 지인들 분에게 머리숙여 진심으로 감사드립니다. 물심양면으로 도와주시는 분의 참여로 본 음악회의 취지가 각별히 지역사회의 좋은 반향을 불러오리라 확신합니다.

애틀란타 필하모닉오케스트라(APOINC)가 주최하고 피스앤하모니 오케스트라 (지휘 박민)가 연주하고 미주 서울대학교 조지아 지부가 특별후원하는 금번 가을 열린 음악회는 브로드웨이 뮤지컬 ‘왕과 나’에서 열연한 메조 소프라노 헬렌 박과 피아노 솔리스트 천미선 박사,그리고 특별히 쥴리아드 콩쿨출신 피아니트스 게리 메네즈가  출연하게 됩니다.
 이 공연의 목적인 제 2세대의  인재발굴 육성을 위해, 제 1세대가 솔선하여 재능과 기부를 범 지역적으로 공유하고 많은 관심과 참여를 기대하고 있습니다. 특별히 음악분야에 소질이 탁월한 차세대협연자를 선발, 발굴하여 미래를 이끄는 주역으로 성장시키는데 목적을 두고있습니다.. 감사합니다.

제 2세대를 위한 초석의 마음으로 한그루의 나무를 심읍시다.

To support the initiatives of “Wish it, Dream it, And Do it” for the future development and enrichment of the next young generation, the fall music concert will hold by Peace & Harmony Orchestra hosted by co-performing organization of the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra Inc at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center at 6:00 November 1st.

This concert is especially participated and performed by gifted musicians voluntarily serving talent donation effort and drives. The musicians who are to join this meaningful art festival are several musical celebrities in the community.

The purpose of this talent donations specifically motivates the musically talented casing members who are leading the momentum of this concerts; Mezzo soprano Helen Park featured at the movie " The King and I, piano soloist Misun Chun, and Gary Maneize who got an award at Julia de Competition are performing this concert to influence the talent contribution efforts and lead the concert initiatives.

To foster the future musical talents of the second generation, the first generation will lead the initiative by sharing their talents and contributions to this open music concert continuously expecting a lot intention. Specially, through public auditions, the young generation with musical talent is to be auditioned and selected to join in the music concert in next performing art concert.


  Concert Information  
   Memorial Peace & Harmony Concert
-Appreciating to Unknown Heroes-
   Peace & Harmony Concert Vincerò!
평화와 화합 콘서트 빈체로 평화와 화합 콘서트 첫 개최 2월의 토요일, 소원을 빌며 평창의 성공 2018 동계올림픽. 김애나 기자 직원 작가 김@Kheraldatl.com 세계인의 큰 관심을 받는 제23회 동계올림픽이 2월 9일 대한민국 강원도 평창에서 개막되었습니다. 전 세계의 선수들이 15개 스포츠 종목, 1…
   2018 Concert for Peace and Harmony Celebrating the..
2018 Concert for Peace and Harmony Celebrating the Pyeongchang Games Thank you to all who came out to the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra’s February Concert for Peace & Harmony -- a celebration of the Pyeongchang Winter Games! We cannot thank you enough for the support you showed us Friday night. With your continued support, we promise to grow, build, and bring you bigger and better programming. Our mission will always be to help create opport…
   2018 Peace & Harmony New Year Concert-Let's g.. (1)
2018 Peace & Harmony New Year Concert
   2018 New Year Concert
   Join us ! We want you!
J oin us! We want YOU! If your major was music performance in college and are still playing, please send your profile and clips to atlantaphilharmonic@ yahoo.com We especially need- Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass and Elec Bass,Saxophone and Clar, Oboe, Piccolo and flute, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Set Drum, Singers, etc... We are performing four concerts in 2018. *Diverse repertoire from clas…
   2018 New Year Concert- Peace & Harmony Concert 평..
2018 New Year Concert- Peace & Harmony Concert 평창 동계올림픽 성공기원 음악회 Please send your resume/profile with a video clip showing your performance if you would like to joining us at concerts in 2018 to atlantaphilharmonic@yahoo.com
   "Thank You Very Much!"
Atlanta Phil successfully finished the Korean Music Fest As the finale of the 2017 Korean Festival A concert to celebrate 2018 Pyung-Chang Winter Olympic is coming The orchestra performance filled the finale of the 2017 Korean Festival. Min Pak conducted the concert, named as the Korean Music Fest, whose theme was Arirang. It was held 8PM of the 7th of October in Atlanta Korean Association Center. Many Koreans and also Americans gathered to t…
PEACE & HARMONY OPEN CONCERT 2017 KOREAN MUSIC FESTIVAL Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Min Pak OCT 7 (SAT), 8:00 PM at Korean-American Association Cultural Center in Atlanta Address:5900 Brook Hollow Parkway, Norcross,Ga 30071 Classical, Art Songs, Jazz and pop and Korean traditional music. Please come Join Us~! The Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc. (Non-Profit, 501(c)(3)) and Direc…
   2017 K- MUSIC FESTIVAL with Atlanta Philharmonic O..
$20, $30 & $50 donation appreciated! (Please use PAYPAL account OR credit card right side and bring your receipt to get your admittance. Partial benefit goes to hurricane relief fund.) PEACE & HARMONY OPEN CONCERT 2017 KOREAN MUSIC FESTIVAL Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Min Pak OCT 7 (SAT), 8:00 PM at Korean-American Association Cultural Center in Atlanta Addres…
   대한민국 음악제 2017 Min Pak & Atlanta Phil..
Min Pak & Atlanta Phil
   대한민국 음악제 2016 “Korean Music Fest..
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(Atlanta) Sumi Jo's 30th Anniversary - La Primadonna Oct.27.2016 Thur 7PM Woodruff Arts Center 1280 Peachtree St NE,Atlanta Ga 30309 Date Event Details Find Tickets OCT 27 THU Sumi Jo's 30th Anniversary-la Prima Donna 4.6 out of 5 stars (5) 07:00 PM See Tickets NOT MANY LEFT
   (Atlanta) Concert post reflection from John kang
Concert post reflection from John kang After this terrific musical experience, I feel that I have become much bigger as not only a musician, but also as a person. I have seen more of the beauty within the arts and the impact it can make. I love how this organization sponsors fundraising in order to support next generation's musicians. This generation's adults have not had their older generation provide for them, so their effort in r…
   Concert-post reflection by Joelle choi
As soon as I stepped onto the stage, I felt as if I'm in a different world. I could only hear the soft piano notes dancing swiftly through my head. Suddenly, I felt this excitement burst into me when I sang the lovely song, Memory. The orchestra was full of power and dignity as I sang, and it blew me away when the levels of intensity started to increase. It was a spectacular night full of glory when the music started to play. I…
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“꽃피는 산골 울긋불긋 꽃대궐… 그 속에서 놀던 때가 그립습니다”
우리 가곡 선율에 코로나 시름 날린다
우리 가곡 선율에 코로나 시름 날린다
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* 토메 박 신자화백 "수묵화" 전시회 K-Arts fest: Korean Traditional Fine Art Exhibition*
HAPPY New YEAR! 2020❤️
Nicholas E. Wheeeler compositin Recital 2019
K-Opera "Spring Spring"
마당극 오페라봄봄"
2019 K-Opera "Spring Spring"
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Piano Gary Manzies & Dr Andrew Edwards ~Guest Conductor